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5.9 Sleeping In and Night Security


The Leadership and Management Standard


In May 2019, this chapter was updated.

All Nottingham City Children’s Residential homes including our short breaks unit are staffed on a 24-hour basis via a rota system. There will be at least 2 or 3 members of staff on duty at any one given time at our larger homes/short breaks unit and at least 1 staff member at some of our small group homes. There will be one member of staff sleeping in each night and one or two night care assistants in our larger homes dependant on the homes SOP and risk assessment and availability of staff, again dependent upon the levels of supervision required for individual residents.

A manager is on-call at all times should staff need advice, help or assistance and this is clearly marked on the staff rota.

Our semi Independent home is staffed on a 24-hour basis via a rota and there will be at least 1 member of staff on duty 24 hours a day. There will be 2 member of staff sleeping in each night. There is usually more than one staff member on duty during the day, if the risk assessment of the young people changes, the staffing ratio can be changed to safeguard the young people and staff team. VA also offer support sessions to young people who live in our satellite homes. We also have one night awake that works across these properties throughout the night at least two nights a week.