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November 2019

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Statements of Purpose Six Statements of Purpose have been updated and a new Statement of Purpose of C. Road has been added.
Children’s Guides Nine Children's Guides have been updated and two new have been added.
Information Sharing This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout to reflect Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018) and the revised DfE Information Sharing Advice for Practitioners Providing Safeguarding Services to Children, Young People, Parents and Carers.
Care and Placement Plans Guidance Section 3.4, Leaving Care has been updated with a link to the Local Offer website.
Children Who Go Missing from Home and Care - Joint Procedure This guidance has been updated.
Reduce Absconding and Missing from Care Three Good Practice Guidances have been updated.
Policy and Practice Guidance Missing Children Policy and Practice Guidance for C. Fields has been updated.
Recognising Abuse and Neglect Guidance Section 6, Sexual Abuse and Section 8, Bullying (including Online/Cyberbullying) has been reviewed and completely updated.
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation

Links have been added to resources for practitioners working with children who have been, or are at risk of, Child Sexual Exploitation published by Barnardos and Research in Practice.

Notification of Serious Events This chapter has been substantially updated and should be re-read.
Residential Structure This chapter has been updated.

Next update: May 2020


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