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Nottingham City Children's Homes Procedures Manual

November 2018

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Ethos and Policy Framework
  2. Planning for Care
  3. Behaviour and Relationships
  4. Promoting and Supporting Contact
  5. Personal Care, Safeguarding and Protection
  6. Promoting Health and Wellbeing
  7. Promoting Educational Achievement, Leisure and Holidays
  8. Staffing
  9. Management and Administration
  10. Appendices

1. Ethos and Policy Framework

1.1 Our Ethos and Key Policies Updated
1.2 Statements of Purpose Updated
1.3 Children’s Guides Updated
1.4 Promoting Diversity  
1.5 Caring for Children from Minority Ethnic Groups  
1.6 Information Sharing and Confidentiality Updated
1.7 Case Recording Policy and Staff Guidance Updated

2. Planning for Care

2.1 Referrals, Placements and Admissions  
2.2 Consents Guidance  
2.3 Care and Placement Plans Guidance  
2.4 Emergency Placement and Emergency Reviews  
2.5 Placement Planning and Disruption Meetings  
2.6 Health Care Assessments and Plans Updated
2.7 Looked After Reviews  
2.8 Preparation for Leaving Care Updated
2.9 Leaving the Home  
2.10 Protocol with Compass  
2.11 Delegation of Responsibility to Foster Carers and Residential Workers (Nottingham City Children's Services Procedures Manual)  

3. Behaviour and Relationships

3.1 Key/Link Worker Guidance  
3.2 Daily Routine and House Rules  
3.3 Sanctions  
3.4 Children Who Go Missing from Home, Care or Education (Local Practice Guidance) (Nottingham City Children's Services Procedures Manual)  
3.5 Reduce Absconding and Missing from Care  
3.6 Policy and Practice Guidance Missing Children  
3.7 Dealing with Violent and Challenging Behaviour  
3.8 Restrictive Physical Intervention  
3.9 Searching Children/Bedrooms  
3.10 The Police  
3.11 Role of Appropriate Adults  

4. Promoting and Supporting Contact

4.1 Contact with Parents / Carers / Siblings and Others
4.2 Overnight Stays and Social Visits  
4.3 Correspondence, Communication and Social Networking  

5. Personal Care, Safeguarding and Protection

5.1 Relationships and Physical Contact with Children  
5.2 Recognising Abuse and Neglect Guidance  
5.3 Referring Safeguarding Concerns  
5.4 Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers Updated
5.5 Representations and Complaints  
5.6 Countering Bullying and Peer Abuse  
5.7 Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour  
5.8 Drugs and Substance Misuse  
5.9 Sleeping In and Night Security  
5.10 Social Worker Visits  
5.11 Advocacy and Independent Visitors  
5.12 Visitors to the Home  
5.13 Provision and Preparation of Meals  
5.14 Clothing, Pocket Money and Allowances  
5.15 Bedrooms  
5.16 Digital Photography  
5.17 Joint Protocol for Children Missing from Care  
5.18 Protocol between Nottingham Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Nottingham Children's Social Care (CSC) concerning the Allocation of Work and Partnership Arrangements in respect of Children and Young People  
5.19 Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation  

6. Promoting Health and Wellbeing

6.1 Smoking and Alcohol Updated
6.2 Health Notifications and Access to Services  
6.3 First Aid, Home Remedies and Medication  
6.4 Sexual Health and Relationships  
6.5 HIV, AIDS and Blood Borne Viruses  

7. Promoting Educational Achievement, Leisure and Holidays

7.1 Education  
7.2 Residential Education Policy  
7.3 Holidays and School Trips  
7.4 Transporting Children  
7.5 Leisure and Activities  

8. Staffing

8.1 Staff Qualifications  
8.2 Staff Supervision  
8.3 Lone Working  
8.4 Rostering and Handover Procedures  
8.5 Gift Giving and Receiving  
8.6 Contact with ex Care Leavers  

9. Management and Administration

9.1 Monitoring Quality  
9.2 Access to Records Updated
9.3 Petty Cash and Finance  
9.4 Notification of Serious Events  
9.5 Residential Structure Updated

10. Appendices

10.1 Amendments